Final Year Project: Database Web Applications (CECS 493a)

I am teaching CECS 493a at CSULB in Fall 2015. This iteration of the course included service learning with the local non-profit community.



The students had to develop a small-scale software project over the course of the semester. Some of the projects were conducted in collaboration with local non-profits and some were research projects. Detailed descriptions and students' bios below.

Bartering System

The Trading Post is a MEAN Stack web application for bartering. This application facilitates trade in local communities and provides an alternative to the monetary system. Through the Trading Post, users may search for goods or services posted by other users, and request to trade for goods/services from their own inventory.

Nina Nina Ly is a student at California State University, Long Beach pursuing in a Computer Science B.S. degree. She cooperated in the development of the Trading Post web application for her senior project. During her leisure time, she likes making do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, listening to music, and catching up with friends and family.

Jessi Jessica Obrique is student at California State University, Long Beach majoring in computer science and minoring in web technologies and applications. She worked with her team to design and develop the Trading Post web application. She plays an active role on campus being a part of Women in Computing, Tau Beta Pi Honors Society, and the eSports Association. In the future, she’d like to continue designing and developing web applications.

Mana Mana Sugano is an international student from Japan who studies Computer Science at California State University, Long Beach. She was a part of senior project to develop Trading Post web application. She mainly worked on designing database for this project.

Cosi Cosima Manughian-Peter is a student at California State University, Long Beach where she studies Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. She played a major role in developing the Trading Post web application in Professor Penzenstadler’s database and web application senior project course. For this project, she worked on visual design as well as full-stack implementation. Even though she spends most of her time on computer science projects, she enjoys art, music, movies, and travelling in her free time. In the future, she would like to work on computer science projects that may also incorporate art and music.

John John Brian L. Casintahan is an undergraduate student at California State University in Long Beach, California. Majoring in Computer Science, his current field of interest is network security in game programming. John took part in developing a bartering system called Trading Post: A web application that works like Craigslist, but without using the monetary system. During his free time, John likes to spend time with family and friends, surf the interWeb, and read fantasy novels.

Filipino Migrant Center

Filipino Migrant Center is a local non-profit organization that works with Filipino Community. The organization works with migrant Filipinos over issues like immigration reforms, worker's rights and health care. FMC needed a powerful and intuitive website to keep Filipino community informed on legal progress, community events, and assistive programs, as well as to capture the heart of donors. Some of the major features to include in the new website were, a dynamic slider on the landing page, an interactive calendar of events, a prominent and engaging donations page, responsive website for compatibility on multiple devices and language translation. After going through a documentation heavy process of gathering and refining requirements and designing the overall layout of the website, our team was ready to implement it. Our team decided to use WordPress for the ease of maintenance and operability after the website was created. In addition to WordPress, we utilized HTML, CSS, PHP, GitHub and several different plugin and services form providers like Google and PayPal. Here is the final product that we came up with: http://filipinomigrantcenter.org/

Christian Hi my name is Christian Whittington! I’m studying Computer Science at CSULB for my 5th year! I enjoy puzzles and problem solving, especially if it will help someone! My favorite languages to code in are Java and Python. I’m also very interested in network and system security.

Himadri Hello, my name is Himadri Shah and I am currently a 4th year student at California State University of Long Beach. I am pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics, anticipating to graduate in May 2016. I am interested in web development and have a part time position as a web developer on campus. I am the president of Association of Computing Machinery for Women in Computing, Long Beach Chapter, which works to encourage and help young girls and women to pursue a career in computing. I was the team leader for the project and was responsible for managing the project as well as communication with the team and stakeholders aside from the development of the website. For more information, you can check out my LinkedIn page here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/himadrishah7

Michelle My name is Michelle Tran and it's currently my 3rd year studying Computer Science at CSULB. Prior to this I studied Computer Science at Orange Coast College, where I obtained my certification in C++. I'm interested in learning more languages that would one day allow me to enter the aerospace industry. Michelle's LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-tran-1a4b4510b

Oliver Hello my name is Oliver Kim. This is going to be my last year studying Computer Science at CSULB. I enjoy long walks on the beach, good jokes, and engaging conversations. The languages I am most comfortable with are C++ and Java. My LinkedIn is https://www.linkedin.com/in/oliver-kim-992419104

Infidelity Couseling Network

ICN reaches those who have experienced infidelity firsthand. As a non-profit, they operate solely on donations. No charges for those who use their service. Our team redeveloped their website to make it easier to use and more appealing.

Brian Corson, Kim-Quang Vo, Jeimmi Gomez, Truc Nguyen

Professional Abilities Association of America (PAAOFA) - Online Presence

The Professional Abilities Association of America (PAA of A) is a new non-profit organization whose goals include providing a professional community for people with disabilities and helping people with disabilities gain employment. The project was to make a website for this organization over the course of one semester. PAA of A did not have a website before and they needed a space where they can say who they are and what they would like the public to know. The design of the website focused on features that would supplement what PAA of A is about, such as a calendar of events, where users can find networking events or other local events, and a discussion board for members to speak with each other, creating an online community as well. WordPress was used for the website, because it may need to be maintained by people with little to no background in technology: www.paaofa.org

Anne Anne Kobata is a senior at California State University, Long Beach, who plans on graduating in May 2016 with a Bachelors in Computer Science and a minor in Applied Math. Anne was the project lead for this project; she was responsible for managing the team and the documentation, and keeping in contact with the stakeholder. Anne’s interested in working in web development, particularly AngularJS front-end work, and has experience working in an internship to make an Angular web application. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annekobata

Errold Errold Tumaque is a senior at CSULB, who is expected to graduate in December 2015 with a B.S in Computer Science. Over the years, he has contributed to the development of numerous websites and applications such as paaofa.org, ufcfit.com, Splitr (an online bill-splitting application). After serving as an intern for MAB Digital Marketing over summer, he learned his biggest strengths were in HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Upon completing his undergraduate program, he plans to become a full-time web developer for a company the combines his love for coding with his hobbies in music, film, and photography. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/errold-tumaque-b606b676

Lusemaka (Chris) Alesana is a senior in Computer Science at CSULB who plans to graduate in the spring of 2016. He plans to pursue a career in web development or telecommunications networking. He has worked on a few projects at CSULB including the PAA of A web development project with fellow classmates. He was responsible for providing a temporary site domain for the team to work on. He hopes to increase his knowledge of programming and web development through future education and workshops. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lusemaka-alesana-221715105

Michael Michael Perez is a senior Computer Science student at Cal State Long Beach graduating in December 2015 with a bachelor's degree in computer science. He currently works at In-n-Out burger but is looking for a job in the software industry. He has worked on projects and research at CSULB and enjoys programming video games and working on intellectually difficult programs. He hopes to become a full time software developer where he can improve his skillset and learn more about his passion. LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-perez-69893710b

Michael Michael Valenzuela is a senior at CSULB, who is expected to graduate in May 2016 with a B.S in Computer Science. Michael has participated in several projects at CSULB, such as the paaofa.org website, gaining extensive team experience and production experience. He has also worked as a personal coding tutor for children in the 7th-12th grade, where he taught the basics of coding. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-valenzuela-122112a5

Yutaro Mori is a senior at CSULB, expected to graduate in May 2016 with a B.S. in Computer Science. With strength and interest in understanding the coding logics, Yutaro worked on many projects including the PAA of A website during the years in CSULB, building up experiences and knowledge on programming languages and team development. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yutaro-mori-594b4910b

Resilient Smart Gardens

Resilient Smart Gardens has invented a technology that can save massive amounts of water by targeting areas of greatest water consumption: growing beds. During their growth period, vegetables receive much more water than needed and this goes unquestioned because it does not harm the plants. However, using the sprinklers versus manually watering a garden consumes water at a much greater and unnecessarily faster rate. There needs to be a system in place to find the balance between water consumed while keeping the healthy nature of the plant. This is where Resilient steps in. We have developed a project that uses sensors connected to an Arduino Yun board to measure the water levels in growing beds and ultimately find a solution to reduce the amount of water consumption while maintaining a nourished garden. In one garden bed, this technology can reduce water consumption up to xx%. Collectively, enough water can be saved to pull California out this drought.

Collin, Kaitryn, Nancy, Nathan, Ryan

Shared Science Staff Reporting and Customer Relationship Management

The Shared Science web app team (Elena Filatova, Jonathan Tzeng, Tri Vu, David Juarez, and Ray Lopez) was responsible for developing a database web application for Shared Science, a non-profit organization based in Long Beach that offers educational programs for K-12 students interested in STEM fields. Shared Science approached this group requesting a solution to their problems in administering program data. Using Laravel PHP framework and MySQL database, the team developed a web application allowing Shared Science's administrators flexibility in managing data. Features of their web application include a CSV import module to intake data, a report generator that permits queries into the database via a jQuery interface, and an integrated email platform for facilitating communication with their contacts.

Elena Elena is a senior student from CSU Long Beach studying computer science. Elena was responsible for facilitating project development by introducing the team to Laravel and other web development tools. Additionally, she managed development of the application’s data report generator. Elena has a broad range of experience in web development. Visit Elena’s LinkedIn page at www.linkedin.com/in/filatovaelena for more on her professional experience.

Jonathan Jonathan is a graduating senior student from CSU Long Beach studying computer science and aerospace engineering. His experience focuses on server configuration, database programming, and network implementation and security. For more information about Jonathan and his experience, you can visit his LinkedIn page via www.linkedin.com/in/jonathantzeng

Ray Lopez is a senior student from CSU Long Beach studying computer science. Ray contributed to development of the database, the user interface, and the CSV import module. Ray has studied network interoperability, different programming languages (e.g. Java, C++, Python), and database programming. Visit www.linkedin.com/in/lopezray for more information about Ray.

David is a senior student from CSU Long Beach studying computer science. David contributed to this project by assisting with development of the user interface, creating user documentation, diagrams, and presentational materials. His experience includes project management, technical writing, and documentation design.